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Mush & Alga's Adventure: Cabo San Lucas 2 - Sea of Cortez, Todos Santos, Turtle Release, Whales
We can't tell you how much fun we had in everywhere! Getting up close to the humpback whales was our best adventure yet. Ckeck out our videos and pictures.

Photo Posts from: Cabo San Lucas 2 - Sea of Cortez, Todos Santos, Turtle Release, Whales
Whale Watching  5
Whale Watching  5
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Video Posts from: Cabo San Lucas 2 - Sea of Cortez, Todos Santos, Turtle Release, Whales
Playing With The Whales
Turtle Release
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Our Humpback Whale AdventureSunday, September 23, 2012
Being in the middle of six humpback whales in a tiny panga is the best adventure we have ever had!  We can't tell you how exciting it was and the memory of our adventure makes us want to do it again.  Just getting the panga into the water was an experience.  Captain Jose told us to get in the panga and hold on as he and a couple other guys pushed the boat into the water.  A boat already in the water waiting for us, had a rope tied to our boat and after Jose jumped into our boat as it entered the water, they pulled us out far enough so we could start our engine.  And we were off on our whale watching adventure.  

We were a little nervous as the ride was rough and it was didn't help that our captain said "We might not see any whales today as the water is a little rough".  This after we paid him $120 and he knew the waves were rough!   After about twenty minutes of getting beat up on the water we were just about ready to turn back when we saw our first whale......all fear and worry disappeared instantly!  We were so excited and Alan started shooting video and I was clicking my Nikon as fast as it would write pictures, praying that we would get some good photos.  Luckily we got some great footage and we are very grateful since this was our very first whale experience and the whales were late getting to Baja that year.

Our very experienced captain anticipated the whales movements and speed and before too long we were cruising in the middle of a pod of six humpback whales. They were on both sides of us and the ones on the right side of the boat were eight to ten feet from the panga, much closer than it looks in pictures.  We were too excited to be scared but they could have tipped us over in a second but they knew we were there and it seemed like they were being careful not to do us any harm.  At one point the underwater fins were almost touching the panga.  When that whale's head came up out of the water (twice) we were both frantically taking pictures so we could have proof of our adventure.  Did we say it was AWESOME?  After that we decided to head back and let our experience really sink in.

Our docking/landing was more fun than our heading out to sea.  Captain Jose told us to hold on and he proceeded to run the panga aground and he was very good at it.  We still vividly remember our first adventure with the whales and want to do it again and again.  Hope you can feel our excitement......we want to share it with you as it was truly awesome.

Whale Watching 5Sunday, September 23, 2012

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This is the beach where the local fisherman launch their pangas and clean their fish.

Whale Watching 4Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Came up to say Hello.  We were so excited and hoping our cameras were working.

Whale Watching 3Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Alan's filming two whales at once.....he is loving it!

Whale Watching 2Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Can you believe how close they came to our panga?

Whale Watching 1Sunday, September 23, 2012

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My favorite photo and I took grateful to be here now!

Playing With The WhalesSunday, September 23, 2012

Awesome experience being with the Humpback Whales.

Turtle ReleaseSunday, September 23, 2012
We had a great time participating in the release of the Olive Ridley baby turtles a few miles north of Todos Santos.  Getting there was an adventure in itself.  Seems like we drove forever but it was because the road was so washboarded and our rental car should of been a truck or a jeep, next time that is what we will rent.  We parked and walked about ten minutes to the beach where the nests were protected.  A beautiful young girl carefully dug up the baby turtles that had hatched that day and put them in a cooler.  We took them down to the beach where our hostess drew a line in the sand and asked us not to cross it or help the babies get to the water.  It is very important for the survival of the babies that they make it to the water on their own and even then very few will survive.....nature is rough.  It was great fun watching the babies instinctively head for the water and it took awhile before they all were washed into the was happening even after the sun set.  Their chances of survival are much greater with the help of humans as most of the nests would be destroyed before the babies even had a chance to hatch.  Fun to help nature out a little.....humans have done enough damage to our planet.

Turtle Release 2Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Releasing the baby turtles and they instinctively head for the water.

Turtle Release 1Sunday, September 23, 2012

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So tiny to take on life in the ocean.

Turtle ReleaseSunday, September 23, 2012
See this location on YTV

Let those turtles go!

Todos SantosSunday, September 23, 2012
We liked Todos Santos better than Cabo San Lucas because we're not party animals.  Cabo seems rushed and more crowded but they do have a very busy marina and lots of nightlife for all you party animals!  Cabo even has a Costco, where we shopped for supplies for our stay.  We were told that Costco carries half their normal items from the US and half items from Mexico.  The prescription drugs are much cheaper at the pharmacy here and at local pharmacies throughout Mexico.

Todos Santos is small, laid back, quaint and not developed which we loved.  Surprisingly there are a wide variety of restaurants and bars with many different cuisines, and all kinds of good music.  Very cultured for a small area.  Melanie and Guenter turned us on to their favorite homemade ice cream store and we made quite a few trips to town to visit.  Surprisingly we didn't gain any weight on this trip.  There is lots of organic produce grown by the local farmers and of course lots of homemade tortillas, yum.  There is a Hotel California, a few banks, shops, and galleries with different goods than we normally see. We really liked our visit here and hope to go back.

Todos Santos 3Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Great views of the Pacific.

Todos Santos 2Sunday, September 23, 2012

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This was a fun home and the view is awesome.

Todos Santos 1Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Loved this sign.....Real Phony Mexican Art....God bless!

Sea of CortezSunday, September 23, 2012
We put together a great video of critters....whale sharks, frigates, seal lions.  We have never seen so much life in the desert!  Baja California was much more than we expected it to be.  I've been wanting to see the whales migrate for years and Alan didn't share my enthusiasm but when I got him to go on this trip he loved it. Now we can go again!  

The water in La Paz looks different than the Pacific Ocean, a lighter blue, almost sky blue.  Near dusk it was hard to tell where the water and sky met.  We saw about six  whale sharks very close to the bay of La Paz.  Alan was blown away, he was saying AWESOME a lot!  Alan swam with them and one of the whale sharks came right at him and he had to jump back to keep from touching the shark.  I took photos from the boat and Alan got all the underwater footage.  That was the first hour of our trip!

After the whale sharks we headed to Isla Espiritu Santo aka Spirit Island, where we saw California Sea Lions, Frigates, Flying Pygmy Rays, a few great yachts and had lunch at a inlet with the clearest of water.  The island is all desert and rock yet has a simple beauty to it.  Alan got great underwater footage as we snorkeled with the seal lions and it's amazing how loud they are underwater.  I regretted not having an underwater camera too as some young sea lions started swimming around me playfully checking me much fun.  Next time I will have my own underwater camera!

We stopped for lunch and walked ashore through the clearest could see the ripples in the sand.....we have photos to prove it.  Great spot to stop and eat.  Our next stop was an old pearl farm that has been returned to it's natural state, now the Frigates aka Pirate Birds use it as a mating center.  Fun to hear their calls and watch their red waddles blow up like balloons.  It's here that we saw the pygmy rays jumping out of the water.....we could see them from afar at our guesthouse too.  They are so little and so active, we enjoyed watching them.

We saw a couple of great yachts that we would enjoy using.....ha ha!  Got back to La Paz just before dark and had about and hour and a half drive back to our guesthouse near Todos Santos.  Another really great day in Baja California.

Sea of Cortez 5Sunday, September 23, 2012

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We stopped for lunch in a small inlet and the water was so clear.....great place for lunch.

Sea of Cortez 4Sunday, September 23, 2012

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The Lionesse is a great yacht.  Alan loved this yacht and Mush does too.

Sea of Cortez 3Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Sea Lions sun bathing on the rocks.

Sea of Cortez 2Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Isla Espiritu Santo in the background, the water was like glass and the color was like the sky.

Sea of Cortez 1Sunday, September 23, 2012

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We went out on a boat just like this.

Playing in the Sea of CortezSunday, September 23, 2012

Swimming with whale sharks was soooo cooool! We also saw seal lions, a great yacht, Frigates, and flying pygmy rays.  Awesome day.

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