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Mush & Alga's Adventure: 30 Day RV Trip - Brookgreen Gardens, Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC
We stayed at the Ocean Lakes Family Campground (RV Park) in Myrtle Beach and loved looking at the water from our campsite. While there we went a short distance south to Brookgreen Gardens which we loved, visited three times! Then on to the historic district of Charleston, SC, to see and feel the history. Loved experiencing the east coast.

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Charleston, SC Monday, August 27, 2012
We explored the historic district of Charleston by car, trolley, ferry and foot.  There are numerous forts, lots of churches, many mansions that managed to make it through the civil war, and history that you can feel as you travel through the area.  Today Charleston is the second largest city in South Carolina.  It is one of the original thirteen colonies that was named Charles Towne (after the King of England) but in 1783, they changed the name to Charleston.  The city was one of the few original thirteen colonies that allowed the Protestant religions to practice their faith.  Roman Catholics were not welcome but the Jews were, the Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, founded in 1749, is the fourth oldest Jewish congregation in the continental United States.  We went to a market that used to be the market place for buying and selling slaves.  We discovered that the Lowcounty of South Carolina was a major port of entry for slaves into the United State, estimates are about 40 to 60 percent.  Charleston has a long, rich history being one of our founding colonies and like all history it is good and bad.  Learning about how our country was "born" is alway fascinating.

Charleston 2Monday, August 27, 2012

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Great example of the grandeur of the rich south.

Charleston, SC 1Monday, August 27, 2012

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The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, aka as the New Cooper River Bridge, is a cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River in South Carolina.

Ocean Lakes Family CampgroundMonday, August 27, 2012
Ocean Lakes Family Campground was built by Mary Emily and Nelson Jackson, and their five daughters. Building began in 1970, and they opened on July 2, 1971, with 30 campsites and one bathhouse.  People were waiting to get in, it was an instant success and they are still going strong.  Today they have 893 campsites, four bathhouses and over 2500 annual lease sites that sit on 310 acres of oceanfront property.....with almost one mile of beachfront!  At the height of the season they employee as many as 360 people.  We were told that it is the largest campground on the east coast and one of the largest in the entire United States.....feels like a small city.  Mary and Nelson (the founders) have passed on but their family still carries on their work and the chance for everyone to get to enjoy the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.  We liked staying here so much we spent five days and we didn't stay five days anywhere on our month long RV trip.  We could see the beach and ocean from our front window which was awesome.

Ocean Lakes Family Campground 2Monday, August 27, 2012

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Michelle and our girl took lots of walks on the beach......they both loved it.

Ocean Lakes Family Campground 1Monday, August 27, 2012

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You can tell how old Ocean Lakes is....see the very old mobile home in between the newer buildings?

Brookgreen - The Lowcountry Zoo & TrailMonday, August 27, 2012
Part of Brookgreen Gardens if known as The Lowcountry where we found the zoo.  All of animals are either bred in captivity or are rescues which can't survive in the wild.  The otters were fun to watch, they are very playful, the cow thought Alan was strange, and the eagles were beautiful and fierce looking.  There were more critters just can't remember all of them.  Their website says they have added a butterfly butterflies.

The other part of The Lowcountry has a trail with various markers teaching us about that period of time.  There is a restored rice field and you can take a boat ride on the river to learn more about the area and maybe even see an alligator.  The plantation owners could not of had the rice plantations without the hard work of the slaves and when the slaves were freed most rice farming ceased.  Lots of history at Brookgreen Gardens, you can't see it in one visit but when you but tickets they are good for a few days (I think five days but check the website to be sure).  We went back to Brookgreen Gardens three times and enjoyed it each time.  We highly recommend you visit when you go to the Myrtle Beach area, Alan enjoyed it as much as I did.

Brookgreen - The Lowcountry ZooMonday, August 27, 2012

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Alan having a serious conservation with this cow.

Brookgreen Lowcountry (former plantations) Monday, August 27, 2012

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Waccamaw River runs through Brookgreen gardens.

Brookgreen Gardens Monday, August 27, 2012
Brookgreen Gardens, located just south of Myrtle Beach, comprises 9,100-acres of beautiful natural landscapes.  Known as the Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington Sculpture Garden, this garden was designed in 1931 by Anna Hyatt Huntington in the shape of a spread wing butterfly.  Brookgreen Gardens, was the first public sculpture garden in America, and it has more than 1,400 works by over 350 sculptors. The gardens have the largest and most comprehensive collection of American figurative sculpture in the country, by sculptors from the early nineteenth century to the present. Brookgreen Gardens is a National Historical Landmark, and is accredited by the American Association of Museums.

Alan and I liked Brookgreen so much we visited three times!  It was a short drive from our RV park in Myrtle Beach, it was so beautiful and peaceful, couldn't really see it one visit.

Brookgreen Gardens 4Monday, August 27, 2012

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Mush hugs this giant old oak.

Brookgreen Gardens 3Monday, August 27, 2012

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That scarecrow is checking Mush out!  The other guys is engrossed in the newspaper.

Brookgreen Gardens 2Monday, August 27, 2012

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There are many talented people that have sculptures at Brookgreen Gardens.  Alan liked this place as much as I did!

Brookgreen Gardens 1Monday, August 27, 2012

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Driving into the gardens.

Atalaya, Huntington Beach State Park , SCMonday, August 27, 2012
Atalaya, which is a national historic landmark, was the summer home of Anna and Archer Huntington in the 1930's.  Today it is part of the Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina.  They purchased Brookgreen in 1930, with the intention of turning it into a natural preserve.  They lived at the clubhouse while they built Brookgreen Gardens and made plans to build a summer home close to the beach.  Archer wanted Atalaya built in the Spanish Mediterranean style that he loved.  The house was built around a courtyard with a large indoor and outdoor studio for Anna to sculpt in and was completed in 1932.  The tower in the courtyard was used as a water tower....Atalaya looks more like a fortress than a mansion to us.  Anna had pens to hold dogs, bears and other animals that she used as models for her sculptures.  Archer and Anna hired the locals who were in great need of work to build their home.....really helped out the local economy.

There is a photo below that shows a gate and a road that goes for one mile from Atalaya to Brookgreen and they owned all of that land.  

Atalaya 4Sunday, August 26, 2012

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"Double Salute", Mush on the beach out the back door out Atalaya!

Atalaya3Sunday, August 26, 2012

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Road going west one mile to Brookgreen Gardens, all of it on their property.

Atalaya - Inside The CourtyardSunday, August 26, 2012

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Love the iron work on this stairway.

Atalaya - Winter Home of Archer & Anna Hyatt Huntington Sunday, August 26, 2012

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The the entry into the compound makes for a great photo.

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